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Interpretation & Translation Services in Chicago, IL

At Interlate Systems, Inc., we provide a large selection of language services ranging from simple memo and document translation to simultaneous conference interpretation. We also offer assistance with employee relations to companies and institutions including program development, project management or education. Just let us know what language service you need and we'll set up a communication bridge.
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Labor Consulting

In today's demographically diverse work environment, labor peace becomes more difficult to achieve and maintain. By implementing the expertise of Interlate Systems, managers and workers will learn how to understand each other better. This new level of understanding can help to develop strategies to overcome obstacles between management and labor. Our consultants are knowledgeable about divergent cultures and how to break through language barriers with innovative approaches.

Is your company vulnerable to labor unrest? Interlate Systems can perform a diagnostic checklist to measure how well your company is doing with labor relations. Whether your organization is large or small, our decades of experience can benefit tremendously to prevent workplace conflict. By sacrificing a minimal amount of time and money, your employee relations can improve dramatically.
Interpreting Services

At Interlate Systems, Inc., we offer a multitude of translation and interpretation services in more than 80 languages! We have proficient interpreters in numerous industries including, commercial, industrial, legal, medical and information technology.

We demand the highest level of accuracy and appropriateness for written translations. Also, our interpreters stay current with slang terms, business jargon and idiomatic expressions so there's never an embarrassing mistake or negative issue. Unlike freelance interpreters, Interlate Systems maintains a professionally staffed office with cutting-edge technology, software and a consistently updated language library.
Translation Services

With companies pushing forward in a growing global economy, translations services have become an ESSENTIAL communications tool. Interlate Systems, Inc., can help your company with document translation including employee handbooks, memoranda, marketing materials, brochures, advertising copy and more.

Our translations stand out from the rest because everything we translate is reviewed by a quality control panel with at least one native speaker from the country where the translation will be published.
Professional Voice-Over services

We provide professional voice-over services in more than 100 languages and accents. Our voice-over artists have big experience working in voice recording industry and they can manage their voices in the way you need. You can find the best voice in our data-base for any purpose you need – starting from IVR and e-learning and ending with commercial videos and promos for TV, Radio and Internet. Request a free quick quote now and receive samples, their rates and ETA ASAP today!
Popular languages and some voice-over artists you can book now for your project:
  • Polish voice-overs
  • Chinese voice-overs
  • French Ca voice-overs
  • Spanish (MX) voice-overs
  • Russian voice-overs
  • Arabic voice-overs
Contact us if you need a specific language or accent.
Our featured clients

Among our clients there are such famous companies as Ford, Toyota, Amazon, IBM, MasterCard, Motorola, Apple, EBay, Ericsson, Microsoft, Honda, Orbitz, Verizon, Lone Star, Delta, Western Union, etc.
Multimedia Language Services

We develop, produce and direct educational and training videos for a variety of businesses, organizations, and institutional facilities. Need a script developed? Our talented and professional team provides all the tools you'll need including script writing, editing, translation, transcription, voice narration and video production. These services are all ... Read more
Video Conferencing Services

Can't leave your office? Interlate Systems can provide you with a "VIRTUAL" interpreter using internet protocol communications between our computers and yours. By using our state-of-the-art video conference center, we can attend a meeting and translate in real time using our T-1 line for meetings, conferences and court proceedings.

Change happens fast for companies operating in the global environment. That's why you need Interlate Systems's consultant team who understands the global economy and how it affects your business. Our consultants attend and host seminars on various topics related to foreign operations and the domestic practice of employing foreign-born employees. We will work with your company by first familiarizing ourselves with your specific goals then tying them into a presentation. By utilizing this process, Interlate Systems helps to personalize your company's message, unify and clarify its mission.
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