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About Us in Chicago, IL

Established in 1977, Interlate System's mission was to provide translators and interpreters to individuals, businesses and institutions throughout the Chicago area. In response to the ever growing diversity in the American workplace, we expanded our services to include labor relations consulting and training. Today, Interlate Systems practices in two primary fields:

• Employee Relations Consulting and Training
• Translating and Interpreting Services
We Want to Help Individuals and Companies Thrive With Our Language Services

Everyday we help hundreds of non-English speakers break through the language barrier and reach communication goals. We design our consulting services to help with productivity, communication, labor relations and conflict resolution. Let us help your company by increasing morale, loyalty and profit. At Interlate Systems, we believe in designing a "workplace of honor" where management and labor have a mutual standard of positive conduct, respect and human interaction.
Contact our office today to learn more about how our language services can benefit you or your business. (630) 433-2393.